Eco-Business Sustainability Leaders Series: Dr Matthew Parnell Interview

My interview with Elga Reyes of was published today on is a sustainable business information and networking clearinghouse for the Asia Pacific Region. Apart from aggregating interesting sustainability news items about projects that would never get coverage in the mainstream press in Australia, they also commission articles from sustainability practitioners from government and private industry.

When I read through their news items, it becomes clear that so much sustainability leadership is now coming from Asia, contrary to the meme in Australian (beloved of the conservatives) that we shouldn’t take a leadership position in sustainability/renewables/carbon markets etc because “they don’t do that in Asia” and we would cut ourselves out of Asian markets if we do. So wrong.

In the interview I speak about the importance of sustainability culture for growing sustainability, and the issues involved in embedding sustainability into business practice. Click here to see the interview at If you would like to discuss any of the issues I raised in the interview, feel free to contact me or post a comment. Thanks to Elga Reyes and CEO James Hosking for the opportunity to talk about my programs.


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