Dr. Matthew Parnell

A Living Systems Approach to
sustainability Practice

Living Systems Design

Activate > Implement > Embed > Sustain

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My proposition is simply this: to inspire you and to contribute to your development as a sustainability practitioner through my thinking, research, writing , mentoring and speaking about leading-edge sustainability practice.

I am available for guest speaking and keynote presentations by special arrangement.

My mentoring approach is focussed on working with a moderated community of sustainability practitioners and changemakers. This is still in the planning stage.

In my professional practice, I apply a Living Systems Design methodology to Activate, Implement, Embed and Sustain the transition to sustainability.

Living Systems Design combines: Participatory Strategic Design, Complex Adaptive Systems Thinking,  Participatory Action Learning, Participatory Research and  Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation.

My work is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals and  my proposition is to help you design ways to authentically align your practice to support the Sustainable Development Goals in everything you do.

Practice areas are: Sustainable Cities + Communities; Sustainable Business + Organisations; Sustainable Circular Economy and Sustainability Culture.

Strategic Design Workshops: Medellin + Melbourne

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