A Living Systems Approach to sustainability Practice

Living Systems Practice

Activate > Implement > Embed > Sustain

My key sustainability practice is Living Systems Practice – an approach to sustainability transformation that can be applied by sustainability practitioners to activities, teams, projects, programs, organisations and stakeholder networks.

Living Systems Practice applies the key practice pattern of Activate-Implement-Embed-Sustain and has the deep purpose to “sustain the sustainability” into the future.  Living Systems Practice is a tailored, open, flexible, responsive and adaptable approach, as every organisational and operational context is different.

Living Systems Practice integrates: complex adaptive systems thinking; emergence-based practice patterns; strategic design; participatory research and design; storytelling, narrative and anecdotal methods; experiential learning; and reflective practice. My practice contexts are: sustainable cities + communities; sustainable business + organisations; sustainable circular economy and sustainability culture.

Living Systems Practice Workshops: Medellin + Melbourne

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