Bushlight – Don’t kill it Kev!

On this evenings 7.30 report, there was a story about the impact of the sudden killing of the remote area renewable energy scheme. It focussed on the Bushlight program at my old place of employment, the Centre for Appropriate Technology in Alice Springs.nThe Bushlight program is probably the best scheme in the country offering technical assistance to remote indigenous communities across Central Australia, The Cape, the Top End, the Kimberleys and Pilbara. Its impact has been so positive and so well set up and run. And CAT is an Indigenous organisation, employing and supporting indigenous people. When squillions are being spent on failed housing programs, it is hard to justify dumping on the best example of its kind. They should take the $40 million off the housing consultants and govt depts that is being wasted and give it to Bushlight.nThe question is, why would Kevin Rudd/Penny Wong/Jenny Macklin/Peter Garret support the killing off of such a successful indigenous program? Are they that disconnected from reality? Don’t they realize that the application of solar energy in remote Australia is significant in creating cost efficiencies and helping to bring the cost of PVs down?nWell done to Tig Armstrong and his team at Bushlight and CAT. Hope Kev et. al. see sense.

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