Birdlife within 200m of home

We just recently moved to a new (old) house on the edge of the village of Sawtell from about 1km from up the road. We are about 600m from the village and beach and 200m from Bonville Creek and 50m from Sawtell Reserve. We are amazed at the birdlife here: we are not “twitchers” (bird watchers) but look like becoming twitchers by default. We have seen: rainbow lorikeets and a range of colourful relatives ducks banded honeyeaters of several types wattle birds butcher birds sea-eagles (my favourite) pelicans plovers sand-pipers brush turkeys fairy wrens of several types ibis cormorants herons magpies black cockatoos galahs and several others which I don’t know Can’t wait to find out about what snakes live in the area this upcoming summer!

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